Toko Show Results 2010


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Award gained



Bridgend + Dist Op Sh 03/01/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mrs J Rural  
    AV Grad Working - 1st    
Manchester Champ Sh 23/01/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 2nd Mr M Plummer  
Cardiff Canine Soc Op Sh 30/01/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Mr T Jones  
    Best of Breed    
Llynfi Valley C Soc Op Sh 21/02/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mr M Robinson  
CRUFTS 11/03/10 Alaskan Mal - Sp Jr - 3rd Mr D Killiea Typey head, good ears, eyes a touch light. Stood on good front and feet. Overall shape good, rear needs to tighten
Bridgewater + Dist Op Sh 28/03/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 3rd Mr Paul Harding  
Treherbert+ Dist CS OpSh 04/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Ms R Kaye  
Pontypool + Dist CS Op Sh 11/04/10   Mrs C Breakspear  
Wk+Past Breeds Wales Ch Sh 17/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Junior - 1st Mrs M Spavin   
    Reserve Best Dog    
WELKS 25/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 2nd Mrs S Loades Another quality youngster with slightly larger frame. Good Shoulder placement giving a nice arch to neck. Attractive head and expression with correct proportions, just right at the moment but wouldn't want to see it any heavier. Ears good for size and placement. Plenty of bone, with good feet, and depth of chest. Correct topline with a beautiful waving plume and a strong rear. Demonstrating an excellent side gait with sound movement also on the up and back. More square in outline than my winner and just preferred the loin length and chest width of 1 on the day. Well handled and presented
National Dog Sh Champ Sh 09/05/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 3rd Mrs S Smith Nice head. Good eye and nice small ears. Would have liked more length to neck but overall shape and balance on the movement gave him his place.
Bath C S Champ Show 30/05/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 2nd Mrs S I Pollock-Yule Eye-catching dog, especially in profile movement, a touch narrower throughout but well balanced and moved soundly
3 Counties Champ Show 13/06/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mr B M Croft quality dog, totally different in type, but then most were, still with many qualities to admire. Just couldn't match the freedom of movement of 1.
Blackpool Champ Show 27/06/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Mrs F A Somerfield lovely young dog , very good head, excellent bone & limbs, good body & rib, well caried tail, good coat and condition
Windsor Champ Show 03/07/10 Alaskan Mal - L - 2nd Mr Vic Salt well coated dog in good condition, good head& ears,straight front, strong neck & firm topline, nice depth to chest
National Wk & Past Ch Sh 17/07/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 1st Mr K Givens This dog moved with drive, purpose & efficiency he was in good hard condition, good angulation and a correct coat texture. He has a very nice head with correct ear placement and correct eye shape and colour giving a pleasing expression.
Cheltenham & Dist Op Show 08/08/10 Alaskan Mal - Op - 3rd Mrs K Jelfs  
Bournemouth Champ Sh 14/08/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 3rd Mr R P Oldham good head balance,stands over a lot of ground with decend length of leg, very relaxed, accomodates his handlers wishes to the letter & as a result when they moved around the ring he was athletic & even stepping
Welsh Kennel Cl Champ Sh 21/08/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Mr A Wright   
Richmond Champ Sh 11/09/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Mr Tegwyn Jones  
AMUCK Champ Show 25/09/10 Alaskan Mal - Limit - Res Mrs B Stanier  
Tredegar +Dist Op Sh 17/10/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Maggi Bryant again I judged this boy last year when he was a puppy,& just loved him then & I was delighted to have the opportunity to judge him again. Just speaks Malamute to me, strong well developed handsome head with correct ear set, darkest of eyes & pigmentation giving the most handsome expression, strong neck into well placed shoulders giving a strong correct front, well bodied & boned throughout, strong rear-end which he used well, in lovely coat & condition. I said the last time I judged him if I never go over another Malamute I have had the pleasure of judging this boy & I still feel that when he matures the best is still to come. BOB, G1
    Best of Breed    
South Wales KC Champ Sh 10/10/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - Res Mr Bob Gregory  
Barry,Penarth &S; Glam OpS 28/11/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mr Tan Nagrecha  
Chepstow + Dist Open Show 19/12/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Tracey Morgan