Siku Show Results 2016

Bridgend & Dist Kennel Ass 3.01.16 Open - 1st       Darren Clarke 7 years bitch that carries her age well. Femine outlook but not compromising any size or
    BOB         strength & gives the impression she could easily do a days work. Good head with strength
    WK GP 4         to skull, muzzle & nicely balanced. Small, thick, well set ears. Balanced angulation & firm
              topline. Good tailset & giving required plume. Thick weather proof coat. Sound,easy mover
              would probably extend even more in a larger ring.
Boston Ch Sh 7.01.16 Veteran - 1st       Hedd Richards  
Welsh KC Open Sh 10.01.16 Open - 1st       Kirsteen Farrar  
    Wk Gp Best Vet          
    Res Best Veran in Show       Howard Ogden  
Manchester Ch Sh 16.01.16 Veteran - 2nd       Roberta Wright another sound & Typy veteran of just 7 years. Pleasing head,excellent bone & substance,
              moved and shown so well.
Swansea & District C C Op Sh 13.02.16 Special Veteran - 1st       Helena Hutchings- Brooks  
CRUFTS 12.03.16 Veteran - VHC       Sue Smith  
Pontypridd & DistCS Op Sh 20.03.16 AV Veteran - Res       David Coode  
Working & Past of WalesCh Sh 16.04.16 Open - 1st       J Shorer-Wheeler 7 yrs dark sable, in one way she was my star of the day going on to take Best Veteran in
    Best Veteran in Breed         Show after topping the working veterans, she absolutely motored round the ring, sometimes
              getting a tad over the top but really showing that a good Mal should last and last. I see her
              taking many more such awards for years to come! She is in super coat and condition, well
              made throughout, she free stands stands on lovely feet, with good balance, everything in
              moderation and clearly enjoying her time, at one with her handler. RBB
    Best Working Veteran       B Croft caught my eye entering the ring,such easy free profile action, excellent quality, lovely
              breed type. Excellent head & bite, correct neck, excellent bone, correct feet so important
              for her work. Deep chest, strong backline & wonderful quarters, in superb form, impressed
              both coming & going, a little surprised she was not titled ! She was handled & shown to
              absolute perfection but then I would expect nothing less from one of the UK's very best
              handlers, he always gets 100 per cent from all his charges
    Best Veteran in Show       S Hewart - Chambers what a super girl she certainly doesn't look like a veteran, she is in great condition with the
              prettiest of heads with pleasing angulations front & rear, good depth of body, well ribbed
              back, strong quarters giving pleasing overall shape, she moved out so powerfully, a real
              quality girl
National Dog Ch Sh 6.05.16 Open - 3rd       Frank Kane  
Scottish Kennel Clb Ch Sh 20.05.16 Open - 3rd       Jim Broadberry  
National Wk & Past Ch Sh 16.07.16 Open - 2nd       Jill Broadberry  
Welsh Kennel Club CH Sh 20.08.16 Vet B - 1st       Liz Dunhill  
    Best Veteran in Breed