Rula Show Results 2010


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Award gained



Bridgend + Dist Op Sh 03/01/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - Res Mrs J Rural  
Manchester Champ Sh 23/01/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 1st Mr M Plummer  
Cardiff Canine Soc Op Sh 30/01/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 1st Mr T Jones  
Swansea + Dist C Club OpSh 12/02/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Kay Morris  b/w female of medium size, balanced head, very feminine, moderate body with correct tail carriage,moved steadily
    Best of Breed    
CRUFTS 11/03/10 Alaskan Mal - Sp Jr - 1st Mr D Killiea Black bitch, very sound and typey with good head and ears. In good coat with super tail carriage, good front and feet, strong rear. Correct angles, firm topline, made an excellent shape both standing and moving.
    Alaskan Mal - Sp Yr - 1st    
Bristol + Dist Dog Club Op Sh 20/03/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 1st Mr Ivan Calleja (Malta)    
    Best of Breed    
    WG3 Mr Edwin Micallef  
Pontypridd + Dist Op Sh 21/03/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 1st Mr P J Greenway Well balanced bitch throughout, soundly constructed front and rear, firm backline, good bone and feet, moved well from any angle, good head, mouth,ears, eyes and expression
Treherbert+ Dist CS OpSh 04/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 2nd Ms R Kaye  
Pontypool + Dist CS Op Sh 11/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 2nd Mrs C Breakspear  
Bodmin + Dist CS Op Sh 11/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 1st Miss T Kneebone Lovely 16 month old feminine bitch, which caught my eye as she entered the ring, nice expression, well placed ears, nice eyes and correct bite,with good bone, chest and feet, good angulation with good tail carriage, well balanced and moved with ease, in good coat
    Res Best of Breed    
Wk+Past Breeds Wales Ch Sh 17/04/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 3rd Mrs M Spavin  Has lovely head and eye, nice ears, good in front and nice quarters, good outline and quarters, not as forward as winner, moved well.
    Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd    
South West Wk+Past Op Sh 01/05/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 3rd Mrs L Web good quality bitch, in good coat, showing typical breed charateristics, in good condition, standing on good bone but essentially feminine, a nice exhibit
    Alaskan Mal - Sp Year 2nd    
    Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st    
West Country Dog Club Op Sh 03/05/10 Alaskan Mal - G - 1st Sally Duffin-Penny  good head , neck and shoulders, nice topline, good tail set, good trot movement, nice coat.
    Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st    
    Best Of Breed    
National Dog Sh Champ Sh 09/05/10 Alaskan Mal - Jr - 1st Mrs S Smith Very sound girl with good head shape eye + ears, straight front strong legs and good feet. Nice topline, good angulation,moved with super drive round the ring. Worked well with her handler.
    Res Best Bitch    
3 Counties Champ Show 13/06/10 Alaskan Mal -PG - 1st Mr B M Croft Lovely girl, looked quality, loved the type, very shapely,excellent head femine bite,strong neck, straight front with lovely bone fro her size and sex, moderate angles, deep chest, strong quarters with correct backline, so very good on the move, thought her delightful, but was in no doubt she could do her job, would be amazed if she doesn't go all the way BB.
    Best Bitch    
Blackpool Champ Show 27/06/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Mrs F A Somerfield well grown quality b/w, did by far the best in the heat, good to go over, well made, very good mover, good outline and tail, pleasing head, reminded me of the past & good qualities we have tended to lose. RCC
    Res Best Bitch    
    Res Bitch CC    
Windsor Champ Show 03/07/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 3rd Mr Vic Salt  
Blackwood and District 11/07/10 AVNSC - G - 1st Mrs A Snelgrove  
    Best AVNSC    
National Wk & Past Ch Sh 17/07/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 1st Mr K Givens A bitch of sound construction that moved well and effectively she was in good hard condition with correct harsh coat. An impressive head in good proportions with a pleasing expression good eye shape and place although slightly light for the colouring
Cheltenham & Dist Op Show 08/08/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Mrs K Jelfs 20 mth old well constructed female, ver femine expression, correct bite, good topline, nicely carried tail, pleasing outline, stead movement RBOB
    Res Best of Breed    
Bournemouth Champ Sh 14/08/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - VHC Mr R P Oldham  
Welsh Kennel Cl Champ Sh 21/08/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mr  A Wright   
Monmouth Show Soc Open Sh 26/08/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mr S Bardwell  
Port Talbot & Neath CS Open S 28/08/10 AVNSC - Open - 1st Mr K Dover  
    Best AVNSC    
Pontardulais Agri + Hort Op Sh 30/08/10 AVNSC - Open - 1st Mr D Robbins super head and ear, good bone and body substance, nice neck into sloping topline and moved OK
    Best AVNSC    
City of Birmingham Ch Sh 04/09/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mrs L Bruns A well proportioned bitch,femine head. Good bone. Liked her outline on the move
Richmond Champ Sh 11/09/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - Res Mr Tegwyn Jones  
Tredegar +Dist Op Sh 17/10/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 1st Maggi Bryant Most lovely bitch who I have judged before,but she was a puppy then and she has come on so well. Loved her femine head with lovely expression, good ear carriage & and the darkest of eyes &pigmentation;, well constructed & balanced body, moved effortlessly and with drive, in lovely coat & condition
Treharris + Dist Open Sh 23/10/10 AVNSC - Open - 1st Mrs L Cox  
    Best AVNSC    
Llanelli & District Op Sh 06/11/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Mr R Bolt Nearly 2 year old bitch.Of super type and quality.Correct bite, med'eye with an alert and attentive expression.Good bone throughout.Of good, balanced proportions, super on the move with power and drive with straight bone going and coming BOB
    Best of Breed    
    BEST IN SHOW Mr D Milton  what a stunning looking dog, beautiful type, moved to perfection & handled so well, looked right in every way 
Amman Valley C S Open Sh 20/11/10 Alaskan Mal - Open - 1st Hazel Fitzgibbon  
    Best of Breed    
Barry,Penarth &S; Glam OpS 28/11/10 Alaskan Mal - PG - 2nd Mr Tan Nagrecha  
Chepstow + Dist Open Show 19/12/10 Alaskan Mal - Grad - 1st Tracey Morgan  
    Best of Breed    
    WG1 Mike Vines Mature female of excellent breed type, classic head, super elegant expression, sharp very confident with good ear set, firm well developed front and rear, topped with a solid level topline, good feet, elbows well tucked in. Nice high wither, excellent tail carriage moved a dream, but even better in the challenge for best at the end of the day. A well deserved Res BIS
    Reserve Best In Show Tony Allcock MBE Quality bitch , demonstrating power and dignity. Super thick coat with dense undercoat all beautifully presented which was obviously a great asset in the conditions outside the hall ! She moved effortlessly around the ring and was attentive to handler at all times, creating a most eye catching profile